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Water Pressure Reducing Valve

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Product Overview

The Zurn NR3XL Pressure Reducing Valves are Ideal for use where Lead-Free valves are required. Designed for installation on potable water lines to reduce high inlet pressure to a lower outlet pressure. The integral strainer makes this device most suitable for residential and commercial water systems that require frequent cleaning of sediment and debris. The direct acting integral by-pass design prevents buildup of excessive system pressure caused by thermal expansion. The balance piston design enables the regulator to react in a smooth and responsive manner to changes in system flow demand, while at the same time, providing protection from inlet pressure changes. Available in ¾” FNPT and 1” FNPT Sizes.


  • Max. working water pressure (1/2” - 1-1/4”) 400 psi
  • Max. working water pressure (1-1/2” - 2”) 300 psi
  • Max. working water temperature 140°F
  •  Reduced pressure range (1/2” - 1-1/4”) 15 to 75 psi
  • Reduced pressure range (1-1/2” - 2”) 25 to 75 psi
  • Factory preset 50 psi Threaded connections (FNPT) ANSI B1.20.1
  •  Copper connections (FC) ANSI B16.22
  • CPVC tailpiece: Max. Hot water temp. 140°F @ 100 psi
  • Cold water rated temp. 73.4°F @ 400 psi


  • ¾” FNPT
  • 1” FNPT


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