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General Purpose Drains

Wholesale Industrial Supply, a plumbing supply store that sells General Purpose Plumbing Drains including a General Purpose – Short Version, Adjustable General Purpose Drains, Round Funnel Drain, various Utility Drains including a Snap-In Utility Drains, Snap and Lock Utility Drains, Square Utility Drains and Bell Trap Utility Drains. You can Build-a-Drain to get the exact drain that you need. It is easy to Build-a-Drain by selecting the pipe fit size that you need.

The photos are actual pictures of the real item you will be purchasing so you can zoom in on the photo to see the details of each drain. It is clear to see the manufactured high quality of each product. As you select the pipe fit size that you need, the price will be shown on the product page so you will know exactly the cost for the item you want to purchase.

The Build-a-Drain is easy and exciting! Get what you want at a great wholesale discounted price. 

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