Multi-Use Coupling - DWV to DWV

PMC230 - 080434406333
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Product Overview

The multi-use coupling allows a variety of coupling, reducing, or increasing potentials with only one fitting. Manufactured in the USA by Plastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”. The coupling is made of high quality of PVC for durability. Quality Plastic Oddities parts – since 1975.



  • Allows a variety of coupling, reducing or increasing potentials with only one fitting
  • Made of high quality PVC material
  • Made in the USA



  • Available in 2”x 3” size – fitting over 2” or 3” SCH 40 DWV pipe

          Use as a 2” coupling

          Use as a 2” to 3” increaser or a 3” to 2” reducer

          Use as a 3” coupling if 2 ¼” flow is acceptable

  • Available in 3”x 4” size – fitting over 3” or inside 4” SCH 40 DWV pipe

          Use as a 3” coupling

          Use as a 3” to 4” increaser or 4” to 3” reducer

          Use as a 4” coupling if 3 1/8” flow is acceptable



Additional Information: This product is also available in ABS. For availability and pricing please call us at 800-863-1367 or email us at Minimum order may apply.