Mushroom Vent Cap and Faucet Insulator Combo Kit

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Product Overview

This Combo includes (1) Mushroom Vent Cap and your choice of the Wall Mount Faucet Insulator (PFC1) OR the Hook Mount Faucet Insulator (PFC2). This kit combines two of the most innovative products to help ensure you are ready to the fall and winter seasons!

The Mushroom Vent Cap(MV34) has molded-in steps to accommodate either 3” or 4” roof vent pipe. The cap locks into position with 3 flat-end bolts, which will not penetrate the pipe, unlike pointed bolts. It helps prevent rain, leaves, debris, flying insects, and animals such as squirrels from entering vent pipe.  Also works on portable toilet enclosure vent pipes and other exterior pipes that need to be protected. 

The hard plastic shell cover of the Faucet Insulator is combined with EPS foam insulation to help protect your outside faucets from wind chill. This product helps deter tampering with outside faucets and is reusable and resistant to rust and improves aesthetics of any building. Flexible gasket contours to various siding finishes (e.g.: brick, vinyl siding, wood, stucco. The PFC1 fits most faucets with easy wall mounting installation and has a hard plastic shell with slotted mounting plate to allow the cover to twist on and off. The PFC2 also fits most faucets with easy hook mounting installation and has a hard plastic shell that you simply hook to the faucet and tighten the wing nut.  

The MV34, PFC1 and the PFC2 are all manufactured and assembled in the USA by Plastic Oddities, “Friend of the Plumber”.
Quality parts – since 1975.


Refer to the video for important installation tips of the “Plumber& DIY Friendly” Plastic Oddities mushroom vent cap.



  • This convenient kit allows you to get two great products to help prepare your building or home for the fall and winter!
  • MV34-Helps prevent rain, leaves, debris, flying insects, and animals like squirrels from entering vent pipe
  • Faucet Insulators-Insulate outdoor faucets and protects from wind chill, freeze protection and UV resistant
  • Made in the USA



  • (1) MV34
  • (1) Faucet Insulator

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